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تحذير: يحتوي هذا المنتج على مادة النيكوتين. النيكوتين مادة كيميائية تسبب الادمان . تحذير: ليست للبيع لمن هم دون سن +18

All The Different Types of Vape Device

The vape market includes everything from disposable e-cigarettes to sophisticated vape devices aimed at advanced vapers. Different devices deliver different types of vape experiences.

Which device is right for you? The answer depends on what is most important to you. Some devices are great if you are constantly on the go, while others are great for relaxing at home. Every new device has a learning curve, but some curves are steeper than others.

We'll explore the different types of vape devices you can choose when you're on your vaping adventure. 

  • Disposable Vapes and E-Cigarettes
  • Vape Pens
  • Pod Mods
  • Box Mods
  • Which Vape Device Is Right for You?

Disposable Vapes and e-cigarettes

Also called cigalikes, they are often the first thing smokers use when they quit smoking and start vaping. These small, slim devices are shaped and sized like cigarettes.

An e-cigarette is a logical next step because it feels like a cigarette in the hand, looks just like a cigarette, and gives off a small glow at the tip, just like a cigarette. For a smoker, this is the closest thing to the experience of actually smoking.

Companies market these e-cigarettes and disposables as smoking alternatives. Nicotine is the most addictive drug, and these cigarettes offer smokers the opportunity to get the nicotine they crave in a delivery system they are used to. These devices make the transition from smoking to vaping easier.

How do they work?

They are actually tiny vape devices that have a self-contained battery and a small, pre-filled reservoir that contains the vape juice. Some require the user to attach the pre-filled reservoir, while others come pre-assembled.

Newcomers like these devices because they don't require additional purchases or any preparation. You simply buy the device, open the package and start using it. 

Disposable e-cigarettes

Some of these e-cigarettes are disposable. You can't refill them, you just "smoke" them until they're done and then throw them away. Popular brands of this type include Fin, Blu and Mngo Stick. The obvious problem with disposable vape pens is waste. 

Refillable and rechargeable e-cigarettes

These devices look like the disposable ones, but they have the added advantage of being refillable and rechargeable. They were the first alternatives to smoking to hit the market in a big way about 20 years ago.

Small battery for small power

In a rechargeable e-cigarette, the body of the cigarette is actually the battery. It has a capacity of 200mh or 300mAh. That's not much, but you don't need much with these devices either. 

Many of these e-cigarette starter kits come with a portable charger case that is the size and shape of a pack of cigarettes. The case allows you to charge your cigarettes when you are away from home.

Fill them up

To get juice into your battery, buy cartridges that screw onto the top of the battery. The cartridge contains e-liquid, a tiny atomizer and a LED tip. When you "smoke," the LED bulb lights up and looks like a cigarette. It flashes in a specific way to let you know it's time to charge the device or change the cartridge. 

Popular brands

Popular brands of this type are  VaporFi, MyBlu, Vuse, V2 and Premium eCigarettes. 

What you need to know before you use them

  • You don't need any technical knowledge or experience to use them.
  • They are ideal for travel or emergencies.
  • You can take them on the plane with you, but you can't use them during the flight.
  • Disposable products create a large amount of waste. If you are concerned about the environment, rechargeable devices like a proper pod mod are a better choice.
  • They are the most expensive way to vape in the long run. While individual devices are inexpensive, using disposable or rechargeable e-cigarettes every day will cost more than any other method.

Pre-filled vapes and pods

You can also buy devices with pre-filled flavor pods. However, their design makes them less like cigarettes and more like a vape device. They are sometimes referred to as closed pod systems because you can't refill the pods yourself. The most popular brand of this type is the Juul.

Many people get their first introduction to a vape-like experience by using the Juul. Another popular brand is Vuse, which makes two well-known cigar likes, the Vibe and the Ciro, but also makes a vaporizer-like device called the Alto.

Like the Juul, these require pre-filled cartridges that are not compatible with each other. Juul and Vuse typically have a tobacco flavor, a menthol flavor, and a few fruit flavors.

They will cost you

These systems are an expensive way to vape. The Juul starter kit costs AED130 and refill capsules cost about AED100 for a four-pack. The Vuse Alto starter kit is AED100. While you can find Vuse refills online for AED50, many reviewers say their local stores sell the same two-pack for AED60 or more. 

What you should know before using closed pod devices

  • Many people say they are tastier and more enjoyable than e-cigarettes.
  • These companies claim that one pod is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, but most smokers have found that this is not realistic. If you smoke a pack or more a day, you will likely consume two pods a day.
  • Using a regular vape device is more affordable.
  • They still create a lot of unnecessary waste, which is bad for the environment since the pods are not refillable. They say they are recyclable, but the truth is that most end up in landfills. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the next step up from disposable cigarettes and closed pod systems. Vape pens are small, slim devices that look like pens, hence the name. Some manufacturers and retailers call this style "pod vape," but don't confuse them with pod mods, which we'll talk about later. 

What they are

A vape pen is a small, easy-to-use device that has minimal features and allows for little customization. It is a good intermediate step for smokers and other first-time vaporizers who want a simple setup without too many bells and whistles. 

That doesn't mean they are weak or flimsy devices. Vape pens are solidly built and have powerful, small batteries. A fully charged vape pen will last you all day. However, the tanks are small so you will need to refill them a few times a day. 

How they work

A vape pen is almost as easy to use as an e-cigarette. You unscrew the pod, fill it with juice, and start inhaling. They do require some assembly before you use them, but that assembly only takes a few minutes and requires no tools. 

Buttonless or Button-Fired styles

There are hundreds of vape pens out there, but each one is buttonless or button fired. What's the difference?  

A buttonless vape pen is also known as an auto-draw pen. You don't need to push a button to use it. You inhale through the mouthpiece, and the act of inhaling causes the device to fire.

A push-button pen requires you to press and hold the button when you want to use it. The default setting requires you to press the button five times in quick succession to turn it on or off. 

Popular brands

Every major manufacturer of vape devices makes vape pens. Some popular brands are the Uwell , Vaporesso Barr, Vaporesso Sky Solo, Smok M17, KandyPens Rubi and Vaporesso Orca Solo. 

What you should know before using vape pens.

You can find vape pens in the price range of AED50 to AED300. You can find an excellent vape pen for AED50 or AED100. They are portable and ideal for vaping when you are on the go. Most vape pens have refillable pods. Automatic draw pens are more convenient and easier to use. Push-button pens are safer because they are less likely to be accidentally triggered while in your purse. 

Pod Mods

The next step up from vape pens are pod mods. These offer a more intense vapor experience and better flavor production. The best pod mod is sleek, portable, and easy to use. These devices come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. 

What they are

A pod mod is a small, lightweight device with a built-in battery and a small, removable pod. It is very simple to use. You fill the pod with juice, snap it into place and start vaping. 

The most popular vape style

Also known as vaping mods, vape mods or pod vapes, these have become immensely popular. Even experienced vapers use pod mods as backup devices or to try different types of vape juice.

Pod mods originally had a reputation for being tasteless and cheaply made, but that is no longer true. New technologies and breakthroughs in manufacturing have resulted in pod mods with high-end builds that deliver great flavor. 

Popular brands

Some of the best selling pod mods are Vaporesso Luxe PM40, Smok Nord, Suorin Drop, Vaporesso Xros.

What you need to know before using Pod Mods

  • If you use a pod mod all day, you may need to refill the pod several times. Because of their low wattage, pod mods do not produce large clouds. If you like a lot of billowing vapor, these are not for you.
  • They are a very affordable way to vaporize. Most pod mods cost between AED100 and AED200, and you can get a good quality device for around AED500. Refill pods cost between AED25 and AED60 for a two-pack, and you can reuse each pod multiple times.

Box Mods

Also called Advanced Personal Vaporizers or APVs, these are sophisticated devices with variable wattage, variable voltage, and many other customizable features. They create a personalized experience that is the ultimate vaporizing pleasure. 

What they are

Box mod vapes allow you to create enormous, billowing clouds. They extract every ounce of flavor from your e-juice. However, they are not for inexperienced users or those who do not have the patience to learn a new skill.

Vapers who use box mods are passionate about vaping. They are serious hobbyists who enjoy experimenting with different settings and juices to create the custom, premium experience you can only get with a box mod. 

Who they are best suited for

Can a beginner use them? You'll face a bit of a learning curve, but it's not as difficult as you might fear. You should have a basic understanding of how electronic devices work, and you'll be one step ahead if you already use a pod mod or vape pen.

Early box mods were complicated to use, but today's manufacturers have made it easier to get started. For the most part, all you have to do is place your coil, fill the tank with e-liquid, attach the tank, and start vaping. You can change the temperature and airflow settings to fine tune your experience.

For experienced vaporists, a box mod offers the opportunity for complete customization. These vaporists enjoy creating their own kits, adjusting the settings, and creating different types of vapor experiences. 

Tools and tips for setting up a box mod

There are several parts required to set up a box mod. If your box mod does not have a built-in battery, you will need a separate battery. Most manufacturers today offer starter kits that include everything you need. These kits make assembling a box mod easier. 

However, some vapers prefer to put together their own combinations. If you go this route, you will need:

  • Batteries
  • Atomizers or cartomizers
  • Coils
  • Charger
  • Cable 

How Box Mods works

Box mods get their name from their shape. These box-shaped devices are large enough to hold a large battery or multiple batteries at once.

Each box mod uses a computer chipset that allows full interaction with the device.

Box mods compress a lot of power into a small package. Today's box mods come with many safety features like puff counters, ohm monitors, battery monitors, coil type detection, and atomizer limits. Some come with built-in charging options, but you should always use an external charger to be safe.

Regulated and Unregulated Box Mods

Box mods are usually offered as regulated mods. A box mod that contains wiring, circuits, a computer chip, or a circuit board is a regulated mod. A box mod that does not have these is an unregulated box mod. You should only consider an unregulated box mod if you are knowledgeable about physics, electronics, and the dangers of using an unregulated mod. 

What is a Squonk Box Mod?

A squonk box is also known as a squonker or a bottom feeder. These mods are remarkable because they simulate the "dripping" style of vaporizing without making you drip liquid every few seconds.

A squonk box contains e-juice in a plastic or silicone bottle. By pressing on the bottle, the liquid is forced through the mod and into the atomizer. This is a very technical form of vaporizing that is not for beginners. 

Popular Box Mod brands

Every vape manufacturer makes box mods. They are usually the premium product line of the brand that is most popular. Some popular brands are Vaporesso Gen S, Vaporesso Revenger, Smok Morph, Vaporesso Target, VooPoo Drag and Lost Vape Centaurus. 

What you should know before using box mods

  • Box mods offer the ultimate vaping pleasure, but they do require a bit of a learning curve.
  • Don't buy an unregulated box mod unless you are an experienced, knowledgeable vaper.
  • Quality box mods range in price from AED150 to AED600, and you can get excellent devices at all price points. After the initial setup, your ongoing costs include coils and e-juice.
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